Exhaust Stacks

We can design exhaust stacks for existing systems, and we can create extensions for existing stacks. We use stainless steel or steel stack materials, we can insulate and clad wherever accessible and we can build platforms on stacks for access to test ports. We’ve built free-standing stacks as wide as 11 feet in diameter and more than 80 feet high, ensuring that we can meet your project’s needs. All of our stacks, stack openings and anchors are designed to SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) standards.

Free Standing Exhaust Stacks

Clean air released from the RTO machine travels through the stack into the atmosphere. We can custom design each stack to fit your products and buildings needs. All of our exhaust stacks are free standing.

Exhaust Stack Test Ports

We install test ports for taking flow rates, measuring pressures and compliance test sampling on all TANN oxidizers. These are usually located on inlet ducts and exhaust stacks and are designed to comply with Environmental Protection Agency test methods.