TANN Corporation Installs TR5595 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

This Spring, TANN Corporation installed a new 55,000 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) in Central Mexico for an automotive part manufacturing facility. The oxidizer was designed to operate at 6100 ft above sea level with special considerations made for the possibility of seismic activity in the area. In this process, particulate isn’t a major issue so TANN engineers determined that structured media would be ideal. Using structured media minimizes the pressure drop through the media and reduces the total capital cost of the regenerative thermal oxidizer. This customer manufactures Class “A” exterior trim parts for automotive OEM companies. TANN installed this RTO on a new line which has both a paint booth and a curing oven. The former has a high volume, low temperature, and low solvent concentration while the latter has a low volume, high temperature, and high solvent concentration. When combined, this process exhausts 55,000 SCFM of 120°F air with solvent concentrations around 500 ppm. Thorough up-front engineering practices combined with diligent project management provided another regenerative thermal oxidizer that the customer will be happy with for years to come.

Structured Media Installation
Structured Ceramic RTO Media, Regenerative thermal oxidizer, RTO Installation

       Crossover Installationregenerative thermal oxidizer installation, TR5595 RTO, RTO in Mexico

Completed RTORegenerative Thermal Oxidizer, TR5595 RTO, RTO in Mexico

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