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We can provide an upgrade to a new burner control which minimizes moving parts and provides ideal air/gas ratio for reliable operation, easy control changes and energy savings. 

Older control schemes that utilize actuators with linkages to move the valve can cause issues over time.  As they age, linkages can wear, slip and bind causing reliability issues.  Our new control set-up is comprised of dual actuators direct coupled to a butterfly valve.  These are linked in the PLC to provide optimum gas/air ratio throughout the firing range.

Our service techs can provide the mechanical removal and installation as well as the set-up of these burner upgrades on our systems as well as competitors equipment.  

We can also provide burner capacity upgrades to existing systems.  As process parameters change or systems increase throughout it is often required to increase the burner capacity to maintain required setpoints.  We can provide burner upgrades to existing systems, including ovens, RTOs, etc.

burner control upgrades
burner control upgrades
We’ll manage your air pollution control equipment, you manage your business.

TANN Corporation has 35+ years of designing, manufacturing and installing oxidizer systems, and our team is ready to custom design systems and turnkey solutions that meet your needs.

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