Engineering Studies

In addition to building systems backed by the best warranties in the industry, we also can provide engineering services for your existing equipment or process. Once we’ve completed the engineering study, we’ll provide you with an engineering report and will include a proposal of our recommended change for your system.

Energy Evaluation:

  • Onsite evaluation of existing pollution control equipment
  • Written report detailing recommendations and improvements along with ROI
  • Options to reuse stack heat for energy recovery system
  • Record all process data and technical information

Process/Product Improvements:

  • Troubleshoot problems with existing system
  • Define process specification for new pollution control equipment
  • Evaluate current system to determine the viability of process improvements such as increased capacity, increased solvent load, and increased destruction efficiency
  • Balance air flows

Oxidizer Stack Testing:

  • Method 25A for hydrocarbons
  • CO & NOx
  • Mobile lab trailer with flame ionization detectors and heated sample lines