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At TANN Corporation, our goal is to help reduce harmful emissions into the air. Depending on the uncontrolled Volatile Organic Compound emission rate for a specific plant, the level of VOC destruction needed to keep VOC emissions below 100 tons per year may be 95% or less.

Using our own set of flame ionization detectors, TANN can measure emissions from an existing source to help optimize your process or monitor inlet and outlet VOC concentrations around a thermal oxidizer to verify destruction levels. We can do this for new or used equipment, whether it is a TANN oxidizer or a competitor’s.

Because every test is unique, we will work with you to create a custom report that is tailored around the testing that was done.

TANN can also provide consulting services when it comes to permitting your oxidizer.  Our engineers will work with the local EPA and develop a test plan to meet the plant's requirements.

We’ll manage your air pollution control equipment, you manage your business.

TANN Corporation has 35+ years of designing, manufacturing and installing oxidizer systems, and our team is ready to custom design systems and turnkey solutions that meet your needs.

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