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Media Replacements

TANN can provide a turnkey ceramic media replacement in your RTO system. Whether the media needs to be replaced from fouling, theramal stress, cold face condensation or settling, our engineers will review each application to ensure the ceramic media selected is the correct choice for the application. In most cases TANN can improve the RTO performance by modifying the ceramic media.

Many processes result in a buildup in the ceramic media of an oxidizer. The biggest culprits are silica fouling and condensates. Silica clings to the ceramic media and restricts airflow which leads to plugging.  This will eventually lead to restricted system capacity and channeling through the media bed.  We have the experience to complete a turnkey replacement of this fouled media from removal to disposal. 

Condensates lead to fouling in the lower media bed. This can be a more difficult problem and less economical to remove.  One solution to this buildup is a procedure called a "bake-out."  This is a process where the condensate is raised to a temperature where it becomes volatile again and has a cleaning effect on the ceramic media.  Our engineers will take samples of condensate and determine if it can be baked off effectively.  If the build-up is organic, in most cases it can be removed through the bake-out process.  Removing the organic buildup will restore the thermal efficiency and capacity of the system.  Call us today to upgrade an existing system with this bake-out feature. 

ceramic media
Three Tann employees installing new ceramic media for a regenerative thermal oxidizer
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