Technical Services

Our field service technicians and engineering team can provide the following services to maximize the reliability, performance and operating efficiency of systems built by TANN or any other oxidizer manufacturer. Our technicians are ready to help with our 24 hr call center. We can troubleshoot over the phone or with our online support system through a VPN connection or modem.

Technical Service Capabilities

  • 24 HR call center
  • Annual preventative maintenance inspections
  • Thermal imaging
  • Fan balancing
  • Thermal oxidizer upgrade & repairs
  • Ceramic media replacement
  • Rebuild & replace heat exchangers
  • Upgrade controls systems
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) contracts
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Upgrade burner systems
  • Dryer/Oven upgrades and repairs
  • Oven balancing
  • FID stack testing

Engineering Studies

In addition to building systems backed by the best warranties in the industry, we also can provide engineering studies for your existing oxidizers and ovens. Through these studies, we will help you gather all the field data necessary to accurately determine any problems or improvements that can be made to your systems.

Let us help you with the following:

  • Energy evaluation
  • Process/product improvements
  • Safety evaluation
  • Heat recovery opportunities
  • Equipment recommendations

Once we’ve completed the engineering study, we’ll provide you with an engineering report and will include a proposal of our recommended change for your system.

Turnkey Installations

When you buy a system from TANN Corporation, you can rest assured that your system will be set up and ready to go. Whether it’s a custom designed oxidizer or a heat recovery system, we design it, manufacture it and build it for you and set it up so that’s it’s running efficiently and reliably. Our manufacturing team in Kaukauna, WI ensures exceptionally high standards during the fabrication phase of each project. Each system is designed and built to your specific needs. And don’t worry; we train your staff to make sure they know how to run the systems before we leave.

VOC Destruction Testing

At TANN Corporation, our goal is to help reduce harmful emissions into the air. Depending on the uncontrolled Volatile Organic Compound emission rate for a specific plant, the level of VOC destruction needed to keep VOC emissions below 100 tons per year may be 95% or less.

Using our own set of flame ionization detectors, TANN can measureĀ emissions from an existing source to help optimize your process or monitor inlet and outlet VOC concentrations around a thermal oxidizer to verify destruction levels. We can do this for new or used equipment, whether it is a TANN oxidizer or a competitor’s.

Because every test is unique, we will work with you to create a custom report thatĀ is tailored around the testing that was done.

Refurbished Option

TANN can refurbish any existing oxidizer onsite or at our facility in Kaukauna, WI. Refurbishing may be a good choice if your system has been operating for more than 10 years, or if your system has been out of operation for several years and you are considering a restart. Each oxidizer will be inspected by our engineering group to determine the level of refurbishment needed. Below is a list of common repairs included in the refurbish program.

  • Complete RTO inspection
  • New RTO exhaust fan bearings
  • New rod glands & seals for main poppet valve cylinders
  • New poppet valve solenoid seal kit
  • New fan belts
  • New poppet valve roller bearings
  • New thermocouples & proximity switches
  • New ceramic media, if required
  • New top coat paint on tanks, combustion chamber and support structure
  • Update program
  • (2) new manuals in English
  • New fire eye scanner
  • New hotside damper PMV
  • Hotside damper repair, if required