TANN Corporation was formed in 1999 when the founders purchased the U.S. business operations of Langbein Engelbracht, one of the original developers of the modern day Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.

The founders of TANN Corporation and TANN Europe (Thomas Saindon and Franz-Josef Schanze respectively) have worked together developing and providing pollution control systems and solutions including regenerative oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, recuperative oxidizers, and various forms of energy recovery systems for approximately 30 years.

TANN Corporation is an engineering-driven company. We can provide custom designed systems and turnkey solutions. We work with our customers to provide the best design to maximize the efficiency of each system. TANN Corporation's approach to a customer’s request is to first define the scope and objectives of the project and then, through sound engineering and practical business principles, quote the best solution for the specific application.

Our technical service group is available 24/7 to provide after sale support. Our technicians are trained to provide support on combustion systems, PLCs, VFDs, and fan balancing. We can service any make or model oxidizer.

TANN Corporation has locations in the United States and Germany and works with partner groups in Mexico and China.