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Fan Vibration Analysis and Alignment

Our service technicians are capable of performing a vibration analysis of fans on your system.  This data can be used for predictive maintenance on fan bearing failure, diagnose fan wheel imbalances and improper alignments.  We also have laser alignment tools to realign motor and shaft to ensure smooth operation.  Contact us today for your fan vibration and alignment needs.

vibration velocity graph example

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be an important tool for detecting issues in the system as it will point out areas of unusual heat buildup that is not noticeable upon visual inspection.  Trending this thermal data over time will allow failures to be noticed before they happen and corrective action to be scheduled.

Thermal imaging can be used as preventative maintenance to detect hot spots prior to damage/failures, minimizing unscheduled downtime for repairs.  TANN offers thermal imaging of your system and will trend imaging data to detect anomalies over time.

thermal imaging

Thermal imaging can also be used to detect issues with fan bearings prior to failure. Bearings will tend to run hotter as they begin to fail, assuming it is not a catastrophic failure. This can be trended with thermal imaging, and preventative scheduled action can be taken before a major failure occurs.

thermal imaging

Thermal imaging will also detect improper burner operation.  When the burner begins to run off ratio or the burner cone begins to fail, it will lead to hotter housing temperatures.  This can be detected early with the use of thermal imaging, and corrective action can be taken before failure.

thermal imaging
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