At TANN Corporation, we can engineer, design and manufacture any ductwork job to meet your needs, with diameters ranging from six to 110 inches. We can fully weld your ductwork for the toughest applications and design them to withstand corrosive or high-temperature environments.Our ductwork can be fabricated from stainless steel and can be internally insulated. Our expansion joints are steel bellows fabricated from carbon steel or stainless steel.

We can also provide insulation and cladding to offer touch protection and reduce condensation inside the ductwork. We engineer it to meet the required skin temperature.

Our engineers will determine the required pressure rating, size the ductwork according to the allowable pressure drop, design for thermal expansion and select the proper materials for construction. We fabricate your ductwork project in our Kaukauna facility and our installation crew can travel anywhere throughout the U.S. to complete the project. Our engineers evaluate each application and will give you an accurate quote. Our projects are ready for you to use when we finish.