VOC Destruction Testing

The ultimate purpose of any company that builds air pollution control equipment is to help reduce harmful emissions into the air. While we are confident our thermal oxidizers will accomplish that goal, testing for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a good way to prove it.


The engineers at TANN can perform a variety of testing services using our own specialized testing equipment. The testing team can test inlet and outlet VOC levels to determine destruction efficiency, emissions from an uncontrolled source to help you determine what pollution control technology is the best option, or do spot checks for you to verify the equipment is working the way it should.


Another stack testing service TANN can provide is to help manage your state compliance test on your oxidizer. Whether you need someone to take over the entire test, someone knowledgeable about RTOs to be on site during the test, or anywhere in between, we have experience.


We would love to see if we can help and will work with you to create a custom report to fit your needs once testing is completed.

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