TANN Corporation Ships 12,000 SCFM RTO

In August 2016, TANN Corporation shipped a regenerative thermal oxidizer rated for 12,000 SCFM to a customer in the Midwest. The customer needed a thermal oxidizer to replace their old recuperative thermal oxidizer. This new pollution control equipment allowed them to continue to control plant emissions. Recuperative thermal oxidizers have benefits, such as being able to handle silicon or corrosive environments, but neither of these are issues for this customer. By switching to a regenerative thermal oxidizer, the customer will save money on energy costs as well as on maintenance; with this upgrade, the customer will save nearly $90,000/year in natural gas costs alone.

TANN Corporation engineered this RTO to handle a high solvent load coming from the customer’s coating lines. The new oxidizer was skid mounted and tested at our headquarters in Kaukauna, WI thus requiring minimal time for installation and startup once it was delivered to the customer. This RTO began to receive process air in September 2016.


RTO Ready to Ship:


RTO in Operation: